Tokenized Representation of Real World Assets, Guns.

You no longer need to maintain receipts and bills of sale to prove ownership of a firearm. Transfer, purchase, and maintenances records all in one place. GUNCERTS is a common sense crypto technology for gun owners.

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The future of cryptocurrency is to use digital representations, or tokens, of real-world assets. In GUNCERTS case, that is a gun. Tokens may include information about the firearm to include, make, model, serial number, the gun may then be linked to the token by a laser etch. The laser etching would, in effect, announce to any "need to know party" that the firearm has been tokenized and relevant information regarding the firearm exists, digitally.  

The Big Picture

Gun owners will finally have the ability to easily and quickly prove ownership, transfer, record repairs and or upgrades while enjoying greater privacy. Manufacturers, distributors and or importers can benefit from logistical advantages throughout the supply chain while creating the ability to communicate to the token holders in the event there is a recall or other important information needing to easily and quickly make it to the firearm i.e., token holder. Transferring the cryptocurrency from one wallet to another and from that wallet in exchange for the token is simple. A third party may do the same for their transactions, and all the records are synced to the blockchain; while being supported by GUNCERTS' comprehensive sales, inventory and payment gateway, finally a Shopify like platform for firearms.

How We do it

In order to accurately link or transfer ownership and record usage i.e.,  history of the firearm, GUNCERTS turns to the Ravencoin network. Ravencoin excels with perfection in proving who owns what asset and the firearm industry provides the perfect use case. For more information on Ravencoin please see our White Paper. 


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